What is Smart Home Automation?

Smart Home Automation, the use of technology in our country and in the world is increasing day by day. Technology-loving people may have accumulated tens, perhaps hundreds, of “Smart Things” in their homes and workspaces. Many of these products may be accessories and may be managed by many different applications. The problem with these experiences, in short, is that these products only add complexity to their lives.

Only when these connected devices work together like in an orchestra can people see a true smart home experience. Control4 is a software and hardware manufacturer that provides this smart home systems platform. Control4 calls this smart home systems platform Smart Home OS.

Smart Home OS provides a real Smart Home Automation experience by enabling all these smart products to be controlled with a single interface.

In Smart Home Automation, it primarily brings together a strong network infrastructure and Lighting, Multimedia, Comfort, Comfort and Security solutions in a powerful, stylish and easy-to-use interface. Smart Home Systems are often compared to point solutions when considering the cost. However, this is not a very accurate comparison. The prices in smart home systems may seem high considering these point solutions. However, while point solutions can only fulfill their own functions with a separate application, different devices in Smart Home Systems provide convenience to their users with triggers from each other. For example, a desired video, music or channel can be opened in the multimedia system with a trigger from the security system.

Smart Homes provide convenience to users in cases where devices and different systems work integratedly. ​

Home theater systems are among the systems that Smart Home Automation provides for users (5+1, 7+1 surround sound systems). In such systems, it is necessary to use several remote controls at the same time. Smart Home Systems can solve this problem by controlling some devices by ip control, some by serial control and others by ir control. You can watch or listen to any multimedia device you want with a single click.

You can turn your home into a Smart Home by contacting us.

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