About Control4 Smart Home Systems

Control4 Smart Home Systems; we can say “It is the standard for today’s Smart Home technology and the first brand to make perfect home automation the best choice for any home.” We are very confident in our experience in this matter!

Our Smart Home Systems Adventure

Control4, which provides the comfort of controlling both new and existing home electronic systems with one touch and allows the leading electronic products in the market to work in harmony with each other, to make life easier since 2003; provides comfort, convenience, entertainment and peace of mind to homeowners all over the world.

Control4’s easy-to-use hardware and software products, with in-home and internet-supported remote control technology; It provides home theater, music, smart lighting, air conditioning and security controls.

By producing wired and wireless automation products, Control4 can offer comfort, compatibility, security, and savings to everyone.

Control4’s wireless products can be set up in a short time without the need for detailed or costly reconfiguration.

Our customers can adapt their Control4 Smart Home systems to their private lives and add new products to their systems over time, starting from the smallest, thanks to the singular use of the products.

With Control4 products; We offer perfect solutions by combining video, audio, lighting and air conditioning in one easy-to-use system.

2016 CES Innovation Awards

Honor Award: 4K UHD Video Distribution Switch

2015 Electronic House Home of the Year Winner

Project Awards Winner in 7 Categories

2015 CEPro Marka Analizi

Top Brand in Whole Home Automation, Multi-Room Audio, HVAC / Energy / Smart Grid Management and Access Control

2014 CEDIA Best New Product Winner

Lead Generation (Platinum)

2013 CEPro Best Winner

Wireless Lighting

2012 CEPro Quest for Quality

Technical Support (Gold)

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Years of Experience
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Industrial Awards
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Huge Portfolio of Projects
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Our Smart Home Projects

From residences to plazas, from villas to mansions, from hotels to yachts, showrooms… You can take a look at some of our wonderful Smart Home projects that we have completed and are proud of.

Smart Housing

The concept of Smart Home should not be limited to just a house! We can enable you to use and enjoy our Smart Home Systems in many areas such as apartments and residences, villas, mansions, plazas, hotels or resorts, offices, restaurants, showrooms, floating houses, mega yachts, boats and ships. The technology of the future is everywhere.

Our Products

With the following product scale, we configure your home’s most important features such as entertainment, comfort, convenience, lighting, air conditioning and security in the most appropriate way.
Thus, you can enjoy the Smart Home Systems of the future in your home.

Our Brands

In our projects, we use the products of third-party brands that have proven their quality worldwide, all integrated with each other.

Our Solutions

Regardless of the housing, we can offer solutions suitable for all kinds of places by using our Smart Home products below.
All you have to do is enjoy the luxury, comfort and convenience provided by these products in your home.

Let's start your project!

To make a Smart Home project similar to the great projects you see, contact us now and get a price quote!