Smart Home and Residence Solutions

Control4 carried the comfort and services provided by Suite Systems solutions in hotels to residences as “Smart Residence”.
With Control4, which offers detailed and fully customizable services, it is possible to benefit from all Smart Home Systems in residences.

Same time; Services such as Housekeeping Service, Valet Service, Dry Cleaning Service, Food and Beverage Services, Car Wash Service, Reservation in the Social Facilities of the Residence, Information Services, Direct access to companies providing services from the Internet, and access to social media platforms can be accessed through Control4 interfaces. With the Control4 Suite System solutions, while the Residence Services are delivered to the owners, the operating costs paid for the provision of these services are also minimized.

Control4 Services integrates easily with all Service Tracking Systems. Thus, reservations and similar requests requested by the residence owners can be easily tracked and managed. Thanks to this service, feedback on service quality is ensured and personnel savings are provided for the enterprise.

The services offered by Control4's Suite System solutions are not limited to the services offered at the facility. With its IP-based structure, the services of companies that provide services from the Internet can also be accessed through Control4 interfaces. Thus, all companies that provide service on the internet from which the facility receives service or the residence owner wishes to receive service from are kept in touch. With Control4, you can communicate not only with your home, but also with the building and the whole world.

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