Smart Yacht Solutions

Marine Applications

You can now do many things that we can control in Smart Homes and more on your mega yachts and boats as a Smart Yacht.

Now, let’s list the features of our automation system, which gives you comfort, luxury and entertaintment on the water as a special experience for you. The rest is up to your imagination!

Lighting and Climate Control

Energy savings are achieved thanks to the heating system, which is activated before you go to your luxury smart yacht. The safety of your crew is ensured by automatic control of the exterior lights of the yacht. The interior temperature of the cabins is provided by a thermostat. By transferring GPS and navigation information to TV or touch panels, you can share the remaining distance to the destination and its coordinates both for yourself and your guests on your yacht.

Lights can be turned on, off and dimmed automatically according to certain times of the day. The blinds are automatically opened and closed according to the weather conditions or the sunrise and sunset, providing the most suitable daylight inside the cabin. Audio and video archives from different sources can be managed from a single environment and played in any desired room of the yacht.

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Our Smart Home Products

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