Smart Office Solutions

As Control4; With Smart Office Systems, we distinguish your works from each other and produce solutions so that you can stand out without dealing with simple problems. As a business owner or manager, you have many problems to worry about. Control4 streamlines your office operations to give you a competitive edge.

Meeting Room

Technology evolves over time according to each meeting and presentation. It can be difficult to manage everything properly. Control4 can help you with this. With one click, you can dim the lights according to the presentation, lower the screen and start the video conference. With the smart conferencing, you can easily add the staff working off-site to the talks and manage the conference in a very practical way with a simple interface.

You can make a great welcome to your customers by programming screens, sound, lighting and air conditioning in your office. With one click, the lights are turned on, the room temperature is regulated, the music and screens are turned on automatically, and the security is activated. You can follow your work from anywhere. When lights or other devices are left on, or unusual activity is observed, you will always be aware of all the details.

Clinical Office

The advantages of Smart Office Automation were also discovered by doctors and dentists! Control4 has provided healthcare professionals and patients with comfort they could never have imagined. Save energy by automating lighting and climate. Program the lighting scenarios according to your needs. Stay in touch with nurses and patients using the intercom system. Let your patients have fun while they recover.

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