Frequently Asked Questions

What are Smart Home Systems?

Those systems; are home automation systems that are known as Smart Home in the world and that maximize the comfort, convenience, entertainment (sound and visual), lighting, air conditioning and security usage quality of the residences.

What are the Usage Areas of Smart Home Automation?

It can be used in a wide range of residences such as houses, residences, villas, mansions, plazas, offices, yachts, floating houses and hotels.

Which Products Should I Buy First to Become a Smart Home Owner?

To own a Smart Home, you can start with just purchasing a smart switch or controller and a smart remote control first. You can increase the smart home experience in your home with different products from a single room to the whole house.

How to Use Smart Home?

Smart Home systems are very easy and comfortable to use. You can manage from anywhere with smart switch, remote control, touch panel, TV, voice control devices, your smartphone or tablet (with Smart Home OS3). All products are integrated with each other and offer full control from a single place.

What do I need to do to become a Smart Home Owner?

You can contact us immediately and get a quote.