Meet Control4 Smart Home OS3!

The new Control4 Smart Home OS 3 brings you a redesigned sleek interface that is faster, smoother and more intuitive.

With over a thousand enhancements, OS 3 gives you one-touch access and control of your entire home.
It gives the feeling that your Smart Home is truly yours in a unique way.

For faster access to your favorite devices, scenes, playlists and music services You can set almost anything in OS 3 as your favourite, for any room.

When you simply touch and hold the screen, all your favorites appear and you can access them with one touch.

You can also create another virtual room such as the Control Panel, set different room devices as favourites, and make it accessible from one place and make the most important things for you visible at a glance.

While on the bedroom page, you can check whether your security system is installed and see if the doors are locked or the garage door is closed without pressing any buttons.

You can also select your favorite rooms and scroll through your favorite rooms by swiping your finger left and right.

Whether you have one device or thousands of devices, OS 3 gives you a quick and easy control interface for your entire home.

OS 3 makes your music and videos more fun and easy for the whole family.

With the use of active media, the visual can be played in the upper right or can be shown in the video With the audio, you can play the music and videos in one part of the house as a single control panel, easily plan the sound, turn off the media in any room, turn off the media in another room, a music program can be streamed to the rooms You can do.

While you enjoy listening to music, you will now be able to find the music experiences and detailed reviews you listen to.

Using it like OS 3, you can listen to music in high definition with MQA and TIDALMASTERS services and you can also use your own high quality MQA library.

OS 3 is rebuilt to make your Smart Home easier and more fun.

It is intended that you can access exactly what you want to access, with large buttons and larger text that is easier to see.

With the new filters, it has become easier for you to see only the lights that are on, the curtains that are open, the doors that are left open.

OS 3 gives you the freedom to change the wallpaper of each room, giving you the opportunity to do this from your phone or touch panel if you wish.

You can use images from the internal library or your own photos if you wish.

After you choose the image you want, the wallpapers automatically start appearing on your touch screens, phones and even your TV.

Whether it's a phone, a touch panel or a remote, OS3 3 is optimized for your interaction with your Control4 Smart Home. ​

OS 3 has been specially arranged for small screens on iOS and Android devices, making it easier for you to quickly navigate between favorite rooms and long lists by swiping your finger with fluent movements.
Icons and touch points on touch panels have been enlarged.

And of course, the TV interface experience has been focused on entertainment and the remote control has been simplified.

Your favorites will instantly appear on your TV screen and you will be able to access your favorite channel, streaming services or relaxing playlists, lighting scenarios, albums, door locks and other favorites by seeing the status of other devices.

Control4 Smart Home OS 3 is fully equipped with innovations, aiming to take you to the next level in your Smart Home experience.

You can upgrade your Smart Home to OS3 today by contacting us.

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